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Sri Krishna Adithya College of Arts and Science


A degree from the Department of Tamil in Sri Krishna Adithya College of Arts and Science is more than a knowledge base. It is a skill set of critical thinking, comprehensive and interpretive reading, ethical understanding, effective writing and fluent speaking. We take pride in the service-learning classes that allow the students to pair English course with courses from School of Commerce and stream of Computer Science. The students can design a unique course of study that meets their interests, talents and career goals.

The Students of Literature are trained in creative, exploratory and professional writing where they can work in genres like fiction, poetry, memoir, literary journalism, editing and business communications. In their higher studies, the students have the flexibility to choose courses from different literary areas such as British, American and World Literature. The Under Graduate course runs for a span of six semesters. Along with their graduation, the students are certified with online course like NPTEL and they are trained for competitive exams like Banking and Civil Service.

The department imparts the students what imaginative works mean, by teaching how they mean, by teaching how meaning is embedded in form thereby develop their skills of interpretation. These skills can be articulated in a graded way, starting from micro and heading to macro.

Why Us

The department of English Literature strives to offer educational opportunities on campus. The department works for the betterment of the student community and help them to develop their skills and prepare them for their future endeavours. The department is equipped with well experienced faculties. The classrooms are set up in a natural eco-friendly environment which creates a congenial learning atmosphere. Smart learning classrooms with world class teaching methodology. Audio-video is displayed in the classrooms to recapture the English period.

Students are exposed and trained in all genres of literature like drama, one-act plays, soliloquies, monologues, etc., The literary association ‘Litraz’  with the motto ‘Do the Undo’ makes the students to try their hands in all literary aspects. The Drama Club inculcates the dramatic skills in each student.

The Reading Club promotes their reading habits. The book review session improves their critical knowledge. Well equipped digital library houses thousands of books and literary pieces, reference books.

The department provides a constructive platform to enrich the knowledge of the students through seminars, workshops, conferences and presentation and publication of research papers. Webinars from world Class University like Oxford and Cambridge enhances literary knowledge of the students.

The students are encouraged to contribute to campus and local publications and to study abroad. The course offers a wide array of co-curricular activities designed to enhance their learning. The SKACAS Department of English motivates the students to grow as a scholar and person. It provides the opportunities to gain and implement their skills while engaging the community. It’s education for living.

English has always been a great and successful inter-discipline, taking on a remarkable mix of formal analysis, ethics, anthropology, politics, philosophy, theology, literary history, language and textual studies. This is why English is the cross roads of the humanities.


 M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Draw TTC., PGDCA.,
Head of the Department


  • Inculcating the skill sets in students to attain professionalism.
  • Enhancing the potentials to meet the opportunities and challenges in the corporate world.
  • Impart skills to analyze and understand the global trends.


  • To provide a programme of academic distinction that fulfill the requirements of emerging accounting profession.


Plugins your themes with even more features.


Plugins your themes with even more features.