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Sri Krishna Adithya College of Arts and Science


The department of Psychology at Sri Krishna Adithya College of Arts and Science, affiliated to Bharathiar University, aims at training young, aspiring minds into well-oriented professionals in the field of understanding human behaviour. The department offers wide exposure to the students through varied activities, in addition to facilitating their expertise in the subject as directed by the syllabus prescribed by the University. Students are mentored to choose their area of specialization in their higher education, by providing them acquaintance to the different fields that promise application for Psychology. Students are encouraged to attend workshops, seminars and conferences as well as carry out research activities, presenting and publishing their work.

In addition to academics, the department runs two clubs, the Well-Being Club and the Mindfulness Club, both open for participation to all students and staff members of Sri Krishna Adithya family. The members of the club are offered educative sessions and training to apply the concepts of Psychology in day-to-day life, making them mentally healthy individuals. The department also offers counselling services to all stakeholders of the institution, providing free-of-cost assistance to the needy. Days of significance to Psychology are observed and various other programs are offered for the students and staffs of the college.


  • To shape our students into leaders in the field of Psychology, moulding them into fully-functioning individuals, so as to make them career-ready
  • To develop skills required for mental health professionals from the basics, making them well-informed of the theories and applications of the learning into practice
  • To train the students as efficient performers, orienting them to an ethically sound practice in the field of mental health


  • To acquaint the students to the theories and systems of Psychology, strengthening their knowledge-base in the field of study
  • To instill in them the art of applying the knowledge to practice, learning from the environment they are part of and in return adding value through their presence to the people around
  • To promote research activities, facilitating students as social scientists, developing in them a drive of inquisitiveness and encouraging their contribution to the scientific literature


 B.Sc., M.Sc., (Ph.D.)
Head of the Department


Sri Krishna Adithya College of Arts & Science