The institution is proud of providing outstanding placements for the past three years.



Skill Vertex
Mode : Virtual

Skill Sequel
Mode : Virtual

30.1.2023 and 31.1.2023
Mode : On campus

Mode : On campus

Muthoot Finance
Mode : On campus

Today’s competitive business landscape needs students with enriched skill sets and deep conceptual understanding. “Training” and “Placements” are the two most significant areas focused upon at SKACAS. Training the student community to keep them abreast of the industry expectations and hone their latent skills  is of paramount importance. With regard to that our institutions is steadfast in providing latest training components to the students.

Our institution imparts training as a  continuous process spread across the entire academic year and create a strong institutional branding by helping our students master the skills to land in a dream career in topnotch companies.

Our institution focuses on achieving our vision “100 percentage Placements” through imparting meticulous, rigorous and customized training modules.

The number of companies visited for placement during the year 2021 – 2022 is 61 with total offers of 1414 for 869 students.

The highest package offered as of now for the current academic year is 9 Lakhs per annum.

Our objectives

  • To make SKACAS the most sought after college for hiring by the corporates.
  • To create a pool of Skilled ,dynamic, confident and updated student community who would be ready to handle the challenges posed by the corporates.
  • To gain the trust of all stake holders viz Management, Students, Parents and Companies through integrity, efficiency, and accessibility.
  • To create a positive institutional branding through helping our students land in dream companies and gaining the trust of all stake holders.
  • Imparting world class training methodologies to the students and create a sense of self belief.
  • To categorize the students based on their skill sets and provide “Tailor made” customized training to make them land in their dream career.
  • To create high standards in training and bench mark our college on par with the internationally renowned institutions.

Career Development Programs

The programmes assist student community in enhancing their skill sets to climb up in the corporate ladder and gain insights into their strengths and developments. The programs sharpen the students abilities for career advancement when opportunities arises.
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Virtual Internship

The internship programs provides work experience where the intern gains experience while working in a remote professional setting and is not physically present at the job location. It helps the students practice and improve industry skills while also learning how to work.
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Industry Experts Talk

The industry talks help students learn the importance of soft skills like communication, presentation, email etiquettes, corporate grooming and dressing styles. Conversing with successful people is the biggest motivation and students gain in more ways than one when the college organizes such sessions.
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