Department of B.Com Corporate Secretaryship


The B.Com Corporate Secretaryship programme is designed to bridge the gap between conceptual learning and practical application to inculcate professional corporate expertise. Focus on a better curriculum in order to produce well qualified professionals who are abreast with all aspects of corporate sector. Our curriculum is to provide the most current knowledge and skills for the individuals to get them shaped as Entry/ Mid level professionals in the Corporate Sector. The department imparts Corporate Secretarial skills and provides knowledge and training ground that turns out high caliber, competent, versatile professionals and good Company Secretaries. The department provides conducive ambiance for learning Career oriented subjects like Company law, Corporate laws, Economic laws, Corporate governance, CSR etc. in Corporate secretaryship is a 3 year full time undergraduate course that involves highly developed study of the concepts and processes of corporate governance, with

M.Com ., MCS., M.Phil., P.hD
HOD/ B.Com CS & IT


  • To provide a platform for wider institution – industry interaction.
  • To explore and develop the entrepreneurial and leadership potential of the students. To motivate and nurture co-operation, tolerance and mutual respect in our nation of diversity.


  • To develop the personality and communication skill of the students and to make them excel in corporate knowledge and fulfill the expectations of the corporate sector.
  • To create young corporate, Leaders with global outlook in, consonance with liberalized, Economic Scenario


  • To provide knowledge in the various areas of Corporate Secretaryship and laws relating to companies.
  • To develop the skills of analyzing, evaluating problems and taking decisions.
  • To keep pace with dynamic industry changes and management practices and to enhance knowledge updates through Technical Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lectures and Internships.
  • To ensure that the curriculum bridges the Institution and industries expectations.

The B.Com. CS program describe accomplishments that graduates are expected to attain within five to seven years after graduation

PEO1 – Demonstrate ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment by learning new skills and new competencies for application thereof .

PEO2 – Acquire the spirit of compassion, kinship and commitment for National Harmony

PEO3 – Progressively adopt and learn continuously through ICT modules

PEO4 – Enable the students to acquire professional qualification at the earliest.

PEO5 – Prepare young and Capable Company Secretaries and Professional for managing Corporate Organisation efficiently.


 Affiliated to Bharathiar University


Department of Commerce with Corporate Secretaryship

Best Practices of the department

Sri Krishna Adithya College of Arts and Science

  • The department organizes monthly one External lecture in the classrooms for B.Com CS by company secretaries and auditors from eminent companies.
  • Administers customized training programs for business by providing Tally Certification in tie up with Tally academy.
  • Seeking input from MNCthe Department has MoU for the Finance and Accounting Elective course with Tata Consultancy Services.
  • Striving for independent thinkers and personal growth the Department offers Spoken Tutorial and Digital Marketing certification. 
  • Maintains a high standard of performance, to the achievement of academic and professional goals by offering National Accounting Talent Search Examination, Economic Talent Examination.
  • The Department endeavors in guiding and encouraging students to complete various online certification courses though NPTEL and other portals.
  • All students are envisioned topresent and publish papersin various State, National and International Level Conferences and Seminars.
  • The student academic plan, course material, lecture plans are sent to the wards one week ahead of their sessions through Google classroom.
  • All the classes are equipped with smart boards and the department encourages on E-learning and M-learning to keep pace with global technology trends and enhancing traditional instruction with technology to prepare students for success in the work place.
  • Each and every student is constantly observed on their needs and regularity in classes through Tutor ward meeting and Parent – Teacher Meeting.
  • Endow support for the students who are weak in their subjects by conducting Remedial Classes.

MOU Signed

  • The Department ensures in nurturing students as a Visionary Professional by providing:
    • ACA, ACMA – Tie up with Chezhiyan Academy
    • ACS, ACCA   – Tie up with ARA Education and Consulting.
  • Manages to fulfill industry expectation by providing training:
    • Banking Recruitment Exams  – Tie up with Chennai Race Coaching Institute Pvt Ltd
    • TNPSC Exams – Tie up with Radian IAS Academy.

The association aims to optimize the following skills to the students’ community.

  • Skill Improvement
  • Industry – Academic bond
  • Relevance to present needs of Industry, Society and Learners.
  • Time Quality

The Department has Commerce Cubicle student association which has been active since its initiation is in providing the students learning through doing.

Commerce Cubicle organizes Product Launch , Youth Assembly , Business Plan , AD Round, orphanage visit , out bound program , Business Quiz , Debate , Inter collegiate meet and managerial interface program to participate in various events and competitions which fulfils the distinctive abilities and talents of students as well as it showcases their organizational and leadership skills.


S.No Workshop Title Date Resource Persons

Number of Participants


Investment and Online Share Trading 06.2.19 Mrs.S.Chitra, Director, Annamalai Capital Services, Coimbatore 120


Indian Contract Act 18.7.19 Mr.Pasupathi, Director EXIM Academy, Coimbatore 60


Technical Analysis in Online Trading 30.9.19 Dr.L.Balaji, Director, A Try Academy, Coimbatore 60


S.No Title Date Resource Person Designation/Organization


Guest Lecture on Indian Companies Act 11.6.19 Mr.Vanjinathan, Practicing Company Secretary, Coimbatore


Guest Lecture on Lifting the corporate veil 21.6.19 Mr.Vanjinathan Practicing Company Secretary, Coimbatore


Guest Lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility 16.8.19 Mr.Mathankumar HR Executive, Chennai Silks, Coimbatore


Guest Lecture on Deposits 19.8.19 Mr.Vanjinathan Practicing Company Secretary, Coimbatore


Guest Lecture on Decision Making in Management 21.8.19 Mr.Harihara Sudhan HR Executive, Suguna Foods, Coimbatore


Guest Lecture on Secretarial Duties 20.9.19 Mr.Srinivasan, Company Secretary, Malabar Cements


Guest Lecture on Motivation and Morale 1.10.19 Mr.Rangarajan, Rtd  Professor, PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore


Guest Lecture on Meetings and Proceedings 14.12.19 Mr.G.Balasubramaniam Company Secretary

Roots Multi Clean Ltd

Ganapathy, Cbe – 06


Guest Lecture on Depreciation 06.01.20 Mrs.Sakunthala, CA & CS

Practicing Company Secretary


Guest Lecture on Depreciation 27.01.20 Mrs.Sakunthala, CA & CS

Practicing Company Secretary


S.No Date Title Resource Person
1 10/9/2020 Roll of Corporate Governance in the present scenario Mr.Vanjinathan, Practicing Company Secretary, Coimbatore
2 19/11/2020 Youth and Environment Mr, Osai Kalidas

Enviromentalist, Coimbatore

3 19/11/2020 Theatre Ethics Prof. Elango, Professor,

The American College, Madurai.

4 11/11/2020 Cognizance on Women Safety towards Cyber Crime Mrs.Susheela Devi LLB,Advocate, District Court, Nagercoil Dist.


5 26/11/2020 Indian Constitution Day Adv.Mathivaanan, LLB, Coimbatore
6 24/11/2020 Board Meeting During COVID ’20 Mr. G.BALASUBRAMANIAM


Company Secretary

Roots Multi Clean Ltd


7 10/12/2020 Gender Sensitization Mrs. Pandi Selvi , Coimbatore

Value Added Courses/Professional Courses

S.No Name of the value added courses (with 30 or more contact hours)offered during last five years Year of offering Number of students enrolled in the year Number of Students completing the course in the year
1 Tally 2019-2022 56 56
2 ACS 2019-2021 54 7





Dr. K. Akilandeswari




Ms. Gnanamani G

GRADUATE EXIT TEST – B.Com Corporate Secretaryship



Academic Year (2020 - 2021)


(Seminars / Workshops / Guest Lectures / Extension Activities )