Sri Krishna Adithya College of Art and Science’s envision of providing premium quality education on par with the global standards propels us to undertake and accustom ingenious mechanisms and proficient practices in teaching, learning and research.The campus emanates a worldly experience which accommodates the needs of our diverse student population. Competent and committed faculty members of our institution foster the students to grow as self-actualized individuals. SKACAS’ universal standards in teaching and training drives our students in their persistent educational journey. The vital strength of SKACAS is its MoUs with various international and national universities, industries and institutes which serves unlimited opportunities in the domain of training and research for our students and faculty members. With substantial advancements,
SKACAS is enduring its march ahead.


Sri Krishna Adithya College of Arts and Science has a dedicated panel of Student Welfare Officers answerable for various affairs concerned to student participation’s, and strengthens the smooth functioning of activities under the different clubs and associations. The office operates in close coordination with the Student Council of the institution and undertakes the various concerns and queries posted by the students.


Sri Krishna Adithya College of Arts and Science has a dedicated assembly of members devoted for congregating, binding and registering various inputs and information connected with the day-to-day exercises of the institution. The team assures appropriate documentation and compilation of all the imperative information at the apparent time and serves as the information pivot of the institution.


The Public Relations Office at Sri Krishna Adithya College of Arts and Science is duly engaged in propagating about the institution and the array of events hosted by the institution. The team is authoritative to proficiently chronicle the events and broadcast it in the media. The office also holds the responsibility to coordinate all the events and festivals which are planned by the institution and endeavour for its accomplishment.


The Human Resource faction of Sri Krishna Adithya College of Arts and Science is committed to nurture a paragon work environment which enkindles eminence in the working force of the organization. HR office renders fine services to foster, propel, flourish, charter and maintain an assorted work force in a collateral ecosystem. The team predominantly addresses the needs of stakeholders through perpetual discussions and correspondence. Rules and responsibilities of employees – Click here