DESIGNATION       :  Assistant Professor

QUALIFICATION    : MSc, (APPSY), PhD., Clin Psy (Purs)

EXPERIENCE         : 3 years (Professional Experience)

DEPARTMENT       : Psychology

SINDHUJA MANISHA KAMINI, MSc. (APPSY), PhD., Clin Psy (Purs) Assistant Professor of Psychology, Freelance Consultant Psychologist at “The Sanguine Minds” an online start-up platform for free webinars and online workshops for students and general population. Anda Clinical Psychology Researcher. She has 3.5 years of experience in counselling and research and 4 months in Teaching. She is successful in conducting webinars and workshops on dynamic and unit topics ranging from “Social psychology behind Social media”, “Child psychology for adults”, for college students. She acted as a resource person for International Mental Health Day celebration in the year of 2019 and 2020 in GRD College of arts and science. She, completed under-graduation in Psychology from PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore in 2014 and completed post-graduation in Applied Psychology from PSGCAS. She is currently pursuing her doctoral research in Clinical Psychologyin Amity University Rajasthan. She is an active researcher published substantial volume of research papers in national and international conference and journals.Miss Sindhuja is a young and exuberant mental health practitioner and clinical psychology researcher. Ever since her undergraduate she was passionate in the field of child psychology, which driven her motivation into learning life span development and developmental psychology, she has participated in substantial number of workshops, webinars and completed a research topic in the children population.Even her main thesis of her doctorate is surrounded with the variables that are closely related to adolescence and children population. She is an active volunteer in a blooming international children online magazine “THE BRIDGE” for children. She extended her volunteerism to an NGO, “THOUGHTS & TALKS” as an active online counsellor and was open for online counselling services.



  1. Published an article on “Standardisation and Validation of the Personality Disorder Inventory PSGP-IDPI” with ISSN No – 2321- 788X Volume:7 Isuue:1 Shanlax International Journal of Arts, Science and Humanities UGC approved
  2. Published an article on “Inculcating Resilience Through Physical Activity Among Children” with ISSN No – 2321- 788X Volume:6 Isuue:4 Shanlax International Journal of Arts, Science and Humanities UGC approved
  3. Published an article on “Alexithymia Loneliness and Interpersonal Problems in College Students” with ISSN No – 2320 – 6101 Volume:7 Issue-IResearch Scholar an International Refereed e-Journal of Literary Explorations
  4. Published an article onPsychological Well-being and Social Relationship Among WhatsApp Users” with ISBN No – 978-93-87882-14-0
  5. Presented a paper on “Delegation: An Attenuator of Occupational Stress” in International Conference conducted by Pratap University Jaipur, During March 2021
  6. Presented a paper on “The Importance of delegation in Human Resources management and effective communication” in International Conference conducted by Pratap University Jaipur, During March 2021
  7. Presented a paper on Inculcating Resilience through Physical Activity among Children” in Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), During February 2019.
  8. A Research paper on “Alexithymia Loneliness and Interpersonal Problems in College Students” During Jan 2019.
  9. A Research paper on “Physical Activity and Resilience among Children” During Nov 2018.
  10. Pilot Study on Physical Activity Resilience, during May 2018.
  11. A Research paper on “Family Dynamics, Personality Traits, and Pathological Impacts among Married Men and Women” During Feb 2018.
  12. Presented a paper on “Mental Health Issues and Hoarding Behaviour” in International conference held atJamiaMilliaIslamia University, New Delhi during March 2016.
  13. Presented a paper entitled on “Impact of Open Educational Resources among Undergraduate Students” UGC Sponsored National Conferenceheld atGandhigram University, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, during Feb 2016.
  14. Presented a paper on “Use of Assistive Technology among Learning Disability Children” in National Conference held at AadhikaviNannaya University, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, during Dec 2015.


  1. Attended one day certificate course on Psycho-informatics: Understanding diagnostic test during Oct 2018
  2. Attended One Day Workshop on” Meta Cognitive Training” during March 2018
  3. Attended One Day Workshop on “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy” during March 2018
  4. Attended Half-Day Workshop on “Applications of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy on Psycho-Oncology” during Sep 2016
  5. Attended Two Day Workshop in “Transactional Analysis” at PSG College of Management, Coimbatore during Jan 2016
  6. Attended Two Day Workshop in “Clinical Psychology” at Krishna Nursing Home, during Aug 2015
  7. Attended Half-Day Workshop in “Comprehensive Learning goals for an Undergraduate Student according to APA” during Dec 2015.


  1. Resource Person at The Sanguine MindsWellbeing center on the topic of “The Art of Positivity”
  2. Guest Lecture at GRD College of Arts and Science on the topic of “ Social Psychology behind social media”
  3. Guest lecture at Rathinam College of Arts and Science on the topic of“EffectiveCommunication and Socialization”
  4. Guest Speakerat GRD College of arts and science on the topic of “The Mind is Everything”
  5. Guest Speaker at Women’s Health workshop on the topic of“On-De Stress & Positive Parenting Styles”
  6. Guest Speaker at Almos Fitness studio on the topic of “De-Stressing for Homemakers”
  7. Conducted free training programme on “Effective Communication and Socialization” for roughly 100 undergraduate and postgraduate students of Psychology at Rathinam College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore.
  8. Acted as a Resource person for Mental Health Awareness Program on “The Mind is Everything” for students of Psychology and Computer Science in GRD College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore.
  9. Conducted a Paid workshop for around 60 homemakers and Young women on “positive parenting and Stress Management”.