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ThilagavathiS MCA, MPhil, (PhD).,MBA joined this esteemed Institution in December 2018 and she has 10 years of experience in teaching computer science subjects. Currently pursuing PhD in the field of Datamining and Medical Image Processing. She has published 6 referred International Journals and also presented papers in National and International Conferences. She has organized many workshops, Seminar, Symposium, Conference and FDP programs. She also acted as IQAC coordinator and Internal ISO auditor.

Journal Publications

  • S.Thilagavathi, Dr.M.S.Irfan Ahmed “Automatic Computer Aided Mammography Detection Using Novel Regions of Interest Techniques” Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics”ISSN 0973-1768 Vol.14,Number 3(2018) PP.419-431.
  • S.Thilagavathi, Dr.M.S.Irfan Ahmed “Mass Detection and Classification system forMammography Image Processing”, Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development.ISSN 2456-6470 Vol.2,Issue-1,NOV-DE2017 PP.1210-1214(UCG list of Journal)
  • S.Thilagavathi, Dr.M.S.Irfan Ahmed “Mammography Analysis of Breast Cancer Image Segmentation, Extraction and Classification” International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Technology Volume 3, Issue 5–May 2017,ISSN: 2455-9091 Pages: 1-6. S.Thilagavathi, Dr.M.S.Irfan Ahmed “Mammogram Image Detection and Classification using Artificial Honey Bee Colony Optimization and Wavelet Neural Network Approach” ,International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, ISSN 0973-4562 Vol. 10 No.67 (2015).
  • S.Thilagavathi, Dr.M.S.Irfan Ahmed “A survey on challenges and detection of Breast Cancer using Mammography”,International Journal of Research in Science Engineering and Technology.ISSN:2394:739x,Vol:3,Issue 10,PP 36-41.